Hospital Staff and Communities Pray Over Hospitals

Medical workers join together to pray over their local hospital in Miami, Florida.

In Cartersville, Georgia, the community circled the hospital (in their vehicles) to show their support, and to pray over the healthcare workers and the patients inside. From the roof, nurses and medical staff joined the community in a display of solidarity.

Baby Born During Pandemic Receives a Roof Party

When Bryson Frye was born in Duncan, S.C., his parents were not permitted to receive visitors due to the hospital’s current coronavirus restrictions. That didn’t stop the family’s excitement over the baby’s entrance into the world, however. This past Thursday, the new parents discovered a surprise outside their hospital window: extended family and friends had taken to the parking garage roof to hold a long-distance party, complete with cheers and homemade signs to welcome the little one.

Bryson Frye birthday party on parking garage
Bryson Frye’s welcoming party

Welcome, little Bryson!

Hallmark Encourages Keeping in Touch

In a time of social distancing, we are all leaning on technology to communicate and keep in touch. But during this time, I believe we’re also being made keenly aware that there’s nothing like seeing a friend in person, talking face to face, and sitting in one another’s presence.

Hallmark Greeting Cards is making it possible for us to keep in touch in a personally handwritten sort of way.

The company is giving away 2 million cards so that you can mail a card to someone you care about.

Wow! Thanks to your amazing response, we've decided
to give away twice as many cards to help even more people reach out and put more care in the world!

Don’t have any stamps? Stick a card in your neighbor’s mailbox, or head over to the USPS Store and purchase a few.

Thank you, Hallmark, for helping us all spread some hope.

High-End NYC Restaurant Now Feeds First Responders and the Needy

When Eleven Madison Park, a luxury fine dining restaurant had to close its doors due to the CV-19 pandemic, its owner couldn’t rest. The restaurant, which is known for its unforgettable dining experience, has transformed into a commissary kitchen, feeding the first responders and most needy of New York City.

Eleven Madison Park | The Talks
Eleven Madison Park NYC | this guy's food blog

Violinist Performs Concert for Covid-19 Patients

Won Hyong-joon and accompanist performed a concert for the Covid-19 patients at South Korea’s Myongji Hospital.

Kroger Gives Hero Bonus to Frontline Grocery Workers

We are all singing the praises of our healthcare workers these days (and don’t they deserve it!). But let’s not forget our frontline grocery workers! They hold the lines, ensuring that we all stay fed and healthy during this pandemic.

The Cincinnati-based Kroger grocery stores have implemented a $2/hr “Hero Bonus” to its employees during the weeks of March 29th through April 18th.

Kroger hourly employees will get an additional $2 an hour for a few weeks.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, or have your food delivered, don’t forget to express your gratitude to the person supplying your food for the week. They need encouragement, too!

Encouraging Messages Make a Walkway for Healthcare Professionals

The community of Oklahoma City took to sidewalks and chalk in an effort to encourage and uplift the healthcare workers in their city. A high school student from Putnam City North High School also donated handmade masks to her local Radiology Department.

Way to go, Oklahoma City. Spread the hope!

Math Teacher Teaches from Student’s Doorstep

When a middle school student just couldn’t seem to grasp her math lesson during the pandemic quarantine, she emailed her teacher for help. Being a teacher accustomed to teaching face to face, math teacher, Chris Waba, figured there was still a way to help his student “in real life.” With marker and whiteboard in hand, the teacher rang Rylee Anderson’s doorbell (a rare sound for most people in the United States these days). Teacher and student shared a personalized math lesson through a glass door.

Rylee Anderson, and math teacher, Chris Waba

Now that’s a TEACHER.

Portuguese School Makes Protective Visors

Some Portuguese students and teachers are putting their school’s 3D printers to good use. From eight o’ clock in the morning, to midnight every night, the printers work non-stop in an attempt to save every life they possibly can, free of charge.

Teacher Arlindo Martins with recipient, Dr. Odete Cordeiro

Australian Celebrity Chef Provides Meals for the Hungry

Aussie chef Colin Fassnidge realized that not everyone in Australia can still afford “take-out” meals these days. Watch the video below and maybe you’ll catch a little bit of the “Aussie Spirit” too.

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